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Shop Soiled EasyDrive Outer Only

Outer drive for all Longhorn XT machines and Longhorn 12v machines purchased from May 2014 onwards.

A heavy duty, durable rubber outer.

This outer fits a 22mm Ferrule

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Shop soiled condition. May have some blemishes but are brand new.
Availability: In Stock
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Longhorn® 3.2
Longhorn® 3.2
• For full time sheep shearing from any 12 volt battery.
• Supplied with our EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection.
• Runs at 3,200 RPM.
• Shears just like mains sheep shearing machines.

Requires a handpiece. Compatible with any handpiece.


Longhorn® XT
Longhorn® XT
Our own sheep shearing machine, designed and manufactured in the UK. Mains powered and heavy duty.

• Designed to excel in extremely tough conditions

• EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection

Requires a handpiece. Any handpiece fits.


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