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Longhorn® Back-Eze Swivel Arm

Stainless steel swivel arm.

Enables you to shear without having to leave the Longhorn Back-Eze between sheep.

26.3mm version supplied with mild steel tube to fit to your own upright/stand.
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Longhorn® Wool Packing Frame
Longhorn® Wool Packing Frame
Heavy duty, galvanised steel free standing wool packing frame.

Keeps wool bags in shape when filling.


Shearing Race
Shearing Race
This fits at the end of any sheep race. Saves dragging out sheep across the shearing board.

The shearer steps on the rail to lower the front side of the crate, giving easy access to drop the sheep on to the shearing board. The pen side springs back up immediately.


Longhorn® Back-Eze Back aid (Crutching Type)
Longhorn® Back-Eze Back aid (Crutching Type)
Open on one side for faster entry. just pull it across each time.

Ideal for shearers when crutching or dagging. Also suitable for shearing.


Longhorn® Back-Eze (Shearing Type)
Longhorn® Back-Eze (Shearing Type)
Hangs above your shearing stand. Reduces fatigue and prevents back ache.


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