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Established in 1980, we have become one of the world’s most trusted retailers of animal clipping equipment, specialising in the shearing of sheep. Since then we have also started manufacturing our own range of Longhorn® products.

We are a family run business that listen to our customers’ wants and needs, we only manufacture and sell the best shearing and clipping equipment and sell it at affordable prices.
Are you unsure what Longhorn® product would best suit your needs?
Use our "Product Selector" to guide you through the best solution. Simply click on the animal you would like to shear below.

If you are looking for cutters for your new shearing products or your refurbished shearing equipment, you can get everything you need from Horner Shearing.

All the latest handpieces from our suppliers are available in our handpieces page.

If you have a beloved piece of shearing equipment, we can refurbish, service and repair it. We have experienced servicing staff available to discuss your requirements.

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