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Horner SureGrip Handpiece

Featuring reliable oil bath construction, this smooth running handpiece is ideal for farmers.

With easy maintenance, low running costs and extreme reliability,the SureGrip has firmly cemented itself as our most popular handpiece to date.

  • Oil bath construction - tried and tested for over 40 years
  • Smooth running
  • Low maintenance
  • Fits any sheep shearing clipper

Available in pin or worm drive

Oil bath technology - The SureGrip handpiece uses an oil bath instead of bearings. Handpiece bearings are prone to wearing out over time and are expensive to replace.

Although oil bath handpieces need to be kept topped up with oil, they eliminate the risk of having to replace expensive bearings and offer better long term reliability, particularly if left unused for long periods of time or stored in damp / cold environments.

Includes free ferrule and screwdriver.

This handpiece comes with our own full warranty. We offer full after-sales and long term servicing and repairs in our own workshop. Comb and cutter for illustrative purposes only.

We also offer services and repairs for this handpiece, please press here for more details.

This shearing handpiece can be bought as part of a complete shearing kit, for more information on a mains powered complete kit please press here and for more information on a 12V complete kit please press here.

Horner Suregrip

Handpiece Weight 1305 g
Pin Handpiece H19-001
Worm Handpiece H19-002
Instruction Book Download
Availability: In Stock

Free Ferrule

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