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Longhorn® XT

The mains powered LONGHORN XT produces a ½ bhp giving you the power you need to get the job done and has the ability to conquer any challenge. Offering Longhorn's revolutionary EasyDrive system, it makes connecting your driveshaft quick and easy.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, by ourselves, the Longhorn XT has become one of the most popular machines amongst farmers worldwide.

The heavy-duty steel casing provides extra peace of mind when working in tough conditions.

Benefits of the LONGHORN XT:
  • EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection
  • 50% more power than comparable machines
  • Extremely durable steel machine casing
Includes a heavy-duty Flexible drive.

Requires a handpiece - If you require a handpiece to go with your clipping machine please find our handpiece section here

For more information on the optional stand click here.

As of the 1st January 2023 all Longhorn machines purchased with a flexible driveshaft, will be supplied with an EasyDrive adjustable driveshaft that has a 19mm end fitting and 19mm ferrule.

We offer services and repairs for this sheep shearing machine, please click here for more details.


Speed 2850 RPM
Electrical Input Mains (220-240v)
Power Output 370 watts (½ HP)
Starting Current 8 Amps

Drive Shaft

Instant Drive Connection Yes
Solid Drive Option Yes


Warranty 3 Years
Part Number ...
Instruction Book Download
Availability: In Stock
Plug Type
Drive Type


Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)


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Longhorn® 7ft Stand
Longhorn® 7ft Stand
7ft shearing stand suitable for all overhead Longhorn® Machines.
Part number:H11-999


Universal Hanging Bracket
Universal Hanging Bracket
Fits all Lister and Heiniger overhead machines.
Also incorporates a tube for Back-Eze Swivel Arm to fit into.


Longhorn® Wide Farmers Pack
Longhorn® Wide Farmers Pack
Clamshell pack consisting of 4 Longhorn Wide 94SB combs and 8 Longhorn cutters.

Suitable for general purpose shearing.


Longhorn® Standard Farmers Pack
Longhorn® Standard Farmers Pack
Clamshell pack consisting of 4 Standard 76MB combs and 8 Longhorn cutters.

Ideal for belly clipping, dirty cattle clipping and still used by some for shearing.


Longhorn® 3.2 Complete Shearing Kit - 12v
Longhorn® 3.2 Complete Shearing Kit - 12v
Our very own battery powered, complete sheep shearing outfit.

Designed and manufactured in the UK.

• Suitable for use in the field.
• For full time sheep shearing from any 12 volt battery.
• This clipper runs at 3,200 RPM.
• Shears just like mains shearing machines.
•Supplied with our EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection.

This 12v Shearing kit includes everything you need to start clipping.


Longhorn® Back-Eze (Shearing Type)
Longhorn® Back-Eze (Shearing Type)
Hangs above your shearing stand. Reduces fatigue and prevents back ache.


Longhorn® Back-Eze Back aid (Crutching Type)
Longhorn® Back-Eze Back aid (Crutching Type)
Open on one side for faster entry. just pull it across each time.

Ideal for shearers when crutching or dagging. Also suitable for shearing.


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