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Overhead Machine Service or Repair

We provide services and repairs for Lister, Heiniger or Supershear overhead machines. The standard price is £50, but there will be additional fees for individual replacement parts if your machine requires them. No matter how big the repair is for your machine the labour cost will not exceed the standard service/repair price of £50.

We aim to do all repairs within 2-5 days, although this may not always be possible during busy periods.

All our services and repairs are carried out by our experienced technicians.

Machines to repair can be posted to us or drop them off at our office.

If posting please send them well wrapped with a note providing your name, address, contact and telephone number, and whether you would like to be called with a quote before we proceed with repairs or not, alternatively you can find a printable service/sharpening form here to send with your machine.

If you have any queries about a fault with your machine or about a service/repair, please do not hesitate to ask for free friendly advice from us here at Horner Shearing.
Call us on 01200 427419.
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