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Sheep Showing

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Finishing Touches
Grooming combs, trimmers and hand sheep shears perfect for showdays for the final touches.
Curry Comb
Curry Comb
Double sided metal curry comb with wooden handle.

Perfect for showday preparation.

Suitable for sheep and cattle.


Carding Comb
Carding Comb
Carding combs available for both beef cattle and sheep.

Excellent for showdays.

Jakoti Sheep Shears
Jakoti Sheep Shears
Superb quality hand sheep shears with a new design.

Suitable as dagging shears or for trimming, for the perfect tidy finish.


Longhorn® Standard Alpaca/Cover Comb
Longhorn® Standard Alpaca/Cover Comb
The recommended comb for beginner alpaca shearers.

Leaves the same 10mm layer of fleece as its wide counterpart. Can also be used to make sheep more presentable for showing.

13 tooth alpaca cover combs, 77mm wide.


Advanced Show Day Preparation
Shearing machines, handpieces, shearing combs and foot clippers for advanced show day preparation. To make sure your sheep are ready for the show season.
Longhorn® 3.2 Complete Shearing Kit - 12v
Longhorn® 3.2 Complete Shearing Kit - 12v
Complete sheep shearing outfit, including a Horner SureGrip handpiece, 3 Longhorn® combs, 6 Longhorn® cutters, ferrule and screwdriver.

Supplied with our EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection.

• For full time sheep shearing from any 12 volt battery.
• This clipper runs at 3,200 RPM.
• Shears just like mains shearing machines.

This kit includes everything you need to start clipping.


Heiniger Comb Lifter
Heiniger Comb Lifter
Leaves an extra 1cm when shearing sheep.


Longhorn® Wide Comb
Longhorn® Wide Comb
The most popular type of comb for UK sheep breeds.

Ideal for both the farmer who does his own shearing and contract shearers alike.

3.5mm short bevel comb available in widths 88mm-97mm.


Up to 4


5 to 9


10 or more

Longhorn Cutters
Longhorn Cutters
Quality cutters designed for maximum versatility.

Full thickness for an extended life.

Sharp and ready to use.


Up to 9


10 or more

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