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Longhorn® XT Complete Shearing Kit

Our own sheep shearing machine, designed and manufactured in the UK. These sheep clippers are mains powered and heavy duty.
  • Designed to excel in extremely tough conditions
  • EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection
  • 50% more power than comparable machines
  • Extremely durable steel machine casing
This kit includes everything you need for full time clipping:
  • Longhorn® shearing machine
  • Heavy duty flexi drive
  • Horner SureGrip handpiece
  • 3 Longhorn® combs and 6 Longhorn® cutters
  • Ferrule
  • Bottle of Longhorn® shearing oil
  • Screwdriver
  • Longhorn® Adapter Bracket
As of the 1st January 2023 all Longhorn flexible driveshaft kits will be supplied with an adjustable driveshaft that has a 19mm end fitting and 19mm ferrule.

We offer services and repairs for this sheep shearing machine, please click here for more details.


Speed 2850 RPM
Electrical Input Mains (220-240v)
Power Output 370 watts (½ HP)
Starting Current 8 Amps

Drive Shaft

Instant Drive Connection Yes
Solid Drive Option Yes


Warranty 3 Years
Part Number ...
Instruction Book Download
Availability: In Stock

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7ft Longhorn Clipping Stand
7ft Longhorn Clipping Stand
7 ft shearing stands, splits in two. Not self standing.
Part number:H11-999


Universal Hanging Bracket
Universal Hanging Bracket
Fits all Lister and Heiniger overhead machines.
Also incorporates a tube for Back-Eze Swivel Arm to fit into.


Longhorn® Wide Farmers Pack
Longhorn® Wide Farmers Pack
4 wide combs and 8 cutters. For general purpose shearing.


Longhorn® Standard Farmers Pack
Longhorn® Standard Farmers Pack
4 standard combs and 8 cutters.

Ideal for belly clipping, dirty cattle clipping and still used by some for shearing.


Longhorn® 3.2 Complete Shearing Kit - 12v
Longhorn® 3.2 Complete Shearing Kit - 12v
Complete sheep shearing outfit, including a Horner SureGrip handpiece, 3 Longhorn® combs, 6 Longhorn® cutters, ferrule and screwdriver.

Supplied with our EasyDrive system for quick and easy drive connection.

• For full time sheep shearing from any 12 volt battery.
• This clipper runs at 3,200 RPM.
• Shears just like mains shearing machines.

This kit includes everything you need to start clipping.


Longhorn® Back-Eze (Shearing Type)
Longhorn® Back-Eze (Shearing Type)
Hangs above your shearing stand. Reduces fatigue and prevents back ache.


Longhorn® Back-Eze Back aid (Crutching Type)
Longhorn® Back-Eze Back aid (Crutching Type)
Open on one side for faster entry. just pull it across each time.

Ideal for shearers when crutching or dagging. Also suitable for shearing.


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