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Blade Cordless Shearer

The Blade is the ultimate cordless clipping machine when it comes to convenience and being portable, especially in difficult environments where a power supply isn't available.

The Blade is powered by a 200 watt motor and requires a 18V Makita LXT Battery (please note this is not included and you would need to source your own battery).

The Blade is fitted with a variable speed function to allow adjustment of the cutting strokes per minute. Variable speed range from 750 to 2,800 RPM.

Great as dagging shears, for belly clipping and shearing small numbers of sheep. Also ideal for cattle clipping.

Fully compatible with Longhorn, Lister, Beiyuan and Heiniger combs and cutters.

  • Blade cordless shearing machine

  • 1 Standard 76MB comb and 1 cutter

  • Quick-Clip belt

  • Leather holster to hold the machine

  • 250ml bottle of shearing oil

  • Shearer's screwdriver

  • Brush to clean air intake

  • Heavy duty storage case

The Blade comes with a one year warranty.

Please note that the Blade does not come with a battery; you will need your own Makita battery and charger. Compatiblewith 3, 4, 5 or 6Ah Makita LXT batteries. Please note this machine is only compatible with black LXT batteries and not the white G series batteries.

We also offer services and repairs within our own workshop, please click here for more details.


Voltage 18v
Cut Speed 750 - 2800 RPM
Power Source Makita 18V Battery (not included)
Motor Power 200 watts
Weight with comb and cutter (without battery) 1100g
Instruction Booklet Download
Availability: In Stock
Longhorn Handy Pack (1 comb & 1 cutter)

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