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Cutter Sharpening Service

Fast sharpening service for cutters - we aim to return them to you in 1 - 2 days.

Cutters should be sharpened to enable efficient shearing. All cutters are sharpened on our Horner DD grinding machines to make them sharp and ready to use. All sharpening is carried out by our experienced technicians who sharpen over 25,000 combs and cutters a year. We ensure that cutters are ground to maximimum sharpness without wasting metal, prolonging the working life of the cutter.

We will happily re-grind your cutters for free if you are not entirely satisfied with the service.

Post them or drop them off at our office.

Please send them well wrapped with your name, address and contact telephone number.
  • Please ensure all cutters are clean, dry and free of oil to avoid additional washing charges.
  • Wrap cutters tightly in small stacks, held tightly together with tissue or paper.
  • Don’t wrap your cutters in electrical tape, brown tape, duck tape or any other tape!
  • Package tightly into a suitable cardboard box. You can use a jiffy bag if cutters are well protected but don’t be tempted by your normal office envelopes – these tear, especially when they get wet.
  • Don’t send sharpening in plastic boxes – more often than not the box will arrive broken.
  • Remember to include a note with your name, address and contact telephone number – let us know in your note if you need to order anything extra when we return the sharpening, alternatively fill in our printable sharpening form to send with your sharpening.
UK return postage £4.50 for any number of combs and cutters.
(International delivery charged by weight - please ring or email for a quote.)

No need to send payment with your cutters, we will contact you to arrange payment or send an invoice out with your sharpened cutters.
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