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Heiniger Xplorer Cattle Clipper

Heiniger's new cordless clipper. New Li-Ion battery technology allows up to 2 hours of cordless clipping.

Very powerful and silent with an ergonomic grip. Through the unique double tooth gear the force is transmitted perfectly from motor to head.

This cordless clipper provides greater flexibility for clipping anywhere. As well as increasing the safety of clipping in wet environmnets such as a dairy parlour due to the clipper being cordless.


  • One Battery

  • Charger

  • One set of blade (Standard)

  • 100ml Oil

  • Cleaning Brush

  • Carry Case

Compatible Blades
  • Somewhat Dirty- Coarse Heiniger Cattle Blades 21/23
  • Show/Clean- Fine Heiniger Cattle Blades 31F/15, Standard Heiniger Cattle Blade 31/15
  • Surgical- Surgical Heiniger Cattle Blades 53/23
Also suitable as a horse clipper.

Available to purchase with one battery or two batteries.

Heiniger Xplorer

Battery voltage 10.8 Volt Lithium-Ion
Speed 2450 dbs/min
Power Source 10.8V battery (included)
Length 310 mm
Weight 990 g
Noise emission (LpAm): 65 dB(A)
Battery charging time 2 hours
Instruction Book Download

Part Number

CH 708-400 /30 (mit 1 Akku)
CH 708-400 /30A2 (mit 2 Akku)
EU 708-400-33A2
GB 708-401-33A2
AU 708-402-33 (1 Li-Ionic Battery)
AU 708-402-33A2 (2 Li-Ionic Batteries)
US 708-403-33A2
Availability: In Stock
Charger Type

Spare Battery

36 - Lithium Ion Battery
36 - Lithium Ion Battery
Part number:708-520


Heiniger Cattle & Horse Blades
Heiniger Cattle & Horse Blades
Heiniger clipper blades.

Suitable for Cattle & Horses.

Standard Blades to fit Heiniger
Standard Blades to fit Heiniger
Unbranded clippers blades to fit Heiniger machines.


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