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Liscop, Liveryman & Wolseley Blades

Liscop blades, Liveryman Arena Plus & Wolseley clipper blades are interchangeable and fit each others machines.

Blades suitable for Cattle & Horses;
  • A2 - Standard - For general cattle clipping and horse clipping.
    Coat Length after clipping - 3mm

  • A22F - Fine - To produce a close finish.
    Coat Length after clipping - 0.8-1mm

Blades suitable for Dirty Cattle;
  • A6 - Coarse - For general clipping of cattle and horses. Ideal for use on thicker coats.
    Coat Length after clipping - 3mm

  • A7 - Coarse - Ideal for use on thick or somewhat dirty coats.
    Coat Length after clipping - 3mm

These clipper blades are manufactured in Germany by Liscop.
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