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Lister "A" Series Blades

Lister 'A' Series Clipper blades, suitable for Cattle and Horses.

  • A2/AC - Standard - Designed for general clipping, for times when a little more hair is required to be left on. Suitable as a cattle clipper blade aswell as horses.
    Coat Length after clipping: 2.5mm.

  • A2F/AC - Fine - For close clipping horses, clipping the heads and bellies of cattle and slick shearing sheep.
    Coat Length after clipping: 1.4mm

  • CA2/AC - Coarse - The strong teeth of this blade make it ideal for clipping somewhat dirty / muddy animals.
    Coat Length after clipping: 2.5mm

  • A2S - Surgical - Clips very close to the skin of the animal to aid in surgical preparation. For use on the Star, Liberty, Legend and Fusion clippers.
    Coat Length after clipping:1mm

All blades come with a top cutter.
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