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Lister Fusion Cattle Clipper (Shearing Head)

The Lister Fusion, Lister Shearing's brand new machine.
This machine allows for more control with its variable speed, running at either 2500rpm or 2900rpm this machine is perfect for cattle clipping and also for shearing small flocks, dagging and belly clipping.

It's 360w motor makes it a powerful clipper that is able to cope with difficult coat conditions and is great for using on cattle.

Comes as a kit with:
  • Lister Fusion Machine

  • Countryman 5 comb

  • Lister Chaos cutter

  • Shearing Oil

  • Packet of grease

  • Lister screwdriver

  • Lister Holdall

These cattle clippers are compatible with all modern sheep shearing combs and cutters.

Compatible Combs
  • Dirty- 13 tooth Standard Longhorn Combs 76MB
  • Clean- 20 tooth Longhorn Cattle Combs 77MB, 20 tooth Beiyuan Cattle Comb
  • Show- 25 tooth Heiniger Shattle, 23 tooth Lister fine set for cattle- CC23, 23 tooth Lister fine comb for cattle
Compatible Cutters
  • Longhorn, Lister, Heiniger, Supershear, Beiyuan.

Lister Fusion

Weight 1750g (inc. blades)
Grip Diameter 52 mm
Power Source Mains
Voltage 220v - 240v
Speed 2500 or 2900 RPM


Longhorn Farmers Pack (4 combs, 8 cutters)

Longhorn® Standard Comb 76MB
Longhorn® Standard Comb 76MB
General purpose convex combs.

Designed to be as versatile as possible for all varieties of jobs such as belly clipping, dirty cattle clipping and even light shearing.

76mm wide, 5mm medium bevel combs.
Part number:H20-576


Up to 4


5 to 9


10 or more

Longhorn® Cattle Comb
Longhorn® Cattle Comb
20 Tooth Medium bevel cattle comb.

77mm wide.
Part number:H21-180


Up to 9


10 or more

20 Tooth Cattle Comb
20 Tooth Cattle Comb
Perfect for cutting into clean or somewhat dirty cattle hair for in-wintering and before slaughter.

An economical and more durable alternative to traditional cattle clipping blades.


Heiniger Shattle
Heiniger Shattle
A 25 tooth comb designed to clip cattle or horses.

Part number:714-090


Lister Fine Set For Cattle - CC23
Lister Fine Set For Cattle - CC23
Special comb and cutter set designed for clipping clean cattle.

23 fine tooth comb with a unique cutter designed to give a cleaner finish.

This product has now been discontinued


Lister Fine Comb For Cattle - CC23
Lister Fine Comb For Cattle - CC23
Comb only from the Lister Fine Set - as a spare, or to use with ordinary cutter.

Part number:228-10900


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