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Lister Wizard 13T Blades

Blades suitable for use with the Star, Liberty, Legend and Fusion clippers.

The Lister Wizard Wool Blade is great for shearing or dagging sheep.
  • The Lister Wizard 13 Tooth (Wool) blade is ideal for shearing or dagging sheep
  • For clipping dusty, dirty or thick haired cattle
  • The bevelled tip replicates that of a shearing comb to enable smooth entry, guiding the comb through the hair with ease for a smooth finish.

The Lister Wizard Cattle blade is perfect for dirty cattle clipping.
  • A durable clipping and shearing blade, the Lister Wizard 13 Tooth (Cattle) is ideal for clipping dirty cattle.
  • Favoured for dressing cattle to accentuate their assets
  • Intended for sculpting/shaping hair, blocking and blending cattle coats
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