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Supershear Viper Handpiece

Featuring a slim-line handle, the Viper is perfectly weighted and supplies an endless, powerful and smooth cut in all conditions.
  • Stylish with a unique "Tru Blue" flock colour and black body finish.

  • Slim-line barrel for ergonomic handle & grip

  • Thermoplastic urethane back joint guard helps prevent uncomfortable rubbing

  • Back joint seal for a tight dust and dirt barrier improving the life of moving parts
The Viper will supply consistent satisfaction to every serious shearer.

Now manufactured by Lister Shearing in the United Kingdom.

Includes free ferrule and screwdriver.

Comb and cutter shown for illustrative purposes only.

Supershear Viper

Handpiece Weight 1362g
Product Size (WxDxH) 290 x 150 x 120
Pin Handpiece 811778
Worm Handpiece 811283
This product has now been discontinued
Availability: Awaiting Stock

Free Ferrule

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