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To help you find the product which best suits your requirements, we have created a comprehensive product selector. Simply click the icons which represent your needs and we will filter our extensive database for the best solution for you.
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Rambo QuickDraw Lithium -
Rambo QuickDraw Lithium - "Battery on your Belt"
A fully portable shearing / dagging machine. Work anywhere.

Connects to a powerful 24 volt lithium battery, worn on a belt.

These sheep clippers are easy to use for all year round jobs.

Also suitable as a cattle clipper.


Blade Cordless Shearer
Blade Cordless Shearer
Sheep shearing clippers for cordless shearing.

Great for dagging, belly clipping and shearing small numbers of sheep. Also ideal for cattle clipping.

Requires a Makita 18V LXT battery (not included).


Longhorn® Standard Alpaca/Cover Comb
Longhorn® Standard Alpaca/Cover Comb
The recommended comb for beginner alpaca shearers.

Leaves the same 10mm layer of fleece as its wide counterpart. Can also be used to make sheep more presentable for showing.

13 tooth alpaca cover combs, 77mm wide.

Part number:H21-201


Longhorn® Wide Alpaca/Cover Comb
Longhorn® Wide Alpaca/Cover Comb
For year round shearing of alpacas and early/late shearing of sheep.

Leaves a 10mm layer of fleece after shearing, ideal year round protection for alpacas and to protect sheep during winter months.

92mm wide, 5mm medium bevel alpaca/cover combs. 13 teeth.


Alpaca Alpacut
Alpaca Alpacut
Perfectly designed for alpaca shearing, features risers on either side but has a flat middle, ideal for the bony areas of alpacas such as on the backs or around the legs.

89mm wide, medium bevel with risers.


Heiniger Camelid
Heiniger Camelid
76mm wide comb with a 3.5mm short bevel.

Designed for shearing Llamas, Alpacas, Vicunas, Guancos and Camels.
Part number:714-025


Longhorn® Cutters
Longhorn® Cutters
Quality cutters designed for maximum versatility.

Full thickness for an extended life.

Sharp and ready to use.
Part number:H20-999


Up to 9


10 or more

Heiniger Jet Cutter
Heiniger Jet Cutter
Heiniger Jet Cutter

Part number:714-010


Up to 9


10 to 49


50 or more

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